XYLIO Future DJ Pro Free Download

XYLIO Future DJ Pro

XYLIO Future DJ Pro Free Download


XYLIO Future DJ Pro is professional DJ software that lets you rewire your creativity by shaping your performance. Be it a student, bedroom DJ, or an experienced club DJ, we’ve got you covered!

It is a revolutionary piece of software that lets you mix music and videos in beautiful ways. It’s tailored to all kinds of DJs, no matter your skill level or how much time you have to practice.

It is a singular waveform viewer that visually shows the beats of the tracks and allows you to align two tracks on the XY axis. XY axis pointing inwards shows beats compared to the track, with XY axis pointing outwards showing beats in comparison to song’s intro or outro.

It’s easy to create the perfect mashup. No matter how advanced your skills, you’ll be able to blend different tracks to create a single masterpiece. Ever wished you could mix songs the way professional DJs do? Do you want to spice up your karaoke game or create your mashup tracks? With the new XYLIO Future DJ Pro, it’s easier than ever.

It’s a DJ app that will help you sync your tracks faster than ever before. And if you want to play along with your tablets, then use our MIDI sync function, and you can adjust the tempo by moving the pitch slider or by changing the BPM directly through the touch screen.

You can customize audio and sample routing for any event. You have total control over up to 8 inputs and outputs, including mics, turntables, and CD players. And you can monitor the audio with headphones, so you know exactly what’s going on.

XYLIO Future DJ Pro Free Download

Start dropping beats with looping controls that make it easy to save and recall loops instantly. Drop loops as hot cues on one of the 8 decks or as external loops on all of your tracks. Sync with the rest of your deck to create a seamless experience.

XYLIO Future DJ Pro Free Download

Mix your music like a DJ with XYLIO Future DJ Pro. This app is for anyone looking to make music fun again. With XYLIO, you can apply and combine different audio effects and filters (Cutoff, Flanger, Echo, Beat Waw, Reverb, Bit Crusher, Auto pan, Robot Delay, Tremolo, LP & HP filters), adjust their parameters.- – It’s as cool as an XYLIO!

This software turns your device into a professional DJ performance tool. Watch video on an external monitor, projector, or TV while adding video effects and transitions and previewing each deck or the master mix in real-time. Use XYLIO Future DJ Pro to turn your live music performances and DJ sets into an incredible visual experience!


3 waveforms per deck

A sleek, intuitive design gives our DJ-riding friend a realistic look. Three waveforms create more information about the audio signal and the beat of the tracks. Having the waveforms displayed with your music is a great way to monitor it. You’ll be able to align each track so that they are matched accurately visually.

Mix Audio, Video, and Karaoke

It is a powerful DJ software ideal for live performances, clubs, weddings, and house parties. Automix gives you the easiest way to mix an entire set, just set it and forget it. Now with support for all mainstream VST instruments and effects.

Perfectly In-Sync Beats

You’ll find highly accurate BPM detection, making it easy to sync and mix tracks instantly. Sync two tracks, adjust the beat for each track or lock them together for perfect crossfades and blends.

Powerful Mixer

You can set up a DJ system easily with a microphone and turntables. The configuration process is direct and easy to follow. It’s even fun to use. You can mix music in headphones. First, listen to the decks in headphones – their volume, properties, and equalizer are set in a glance at the VU meter.

Create Recall Loops And Set Up Cue-Loops

It’s easy to create and recall over-dubs, just as you cue points. Send loops to any of the 8 sampler slots, which are in perfect sync with the other decks, so your transitions are seamless.


Bring your mix to life by adding some drama and excitement. With this software, you can apply different audio effects and filters (Cutoff, Flanger, Echo, Beat Waw, Reverb, Bit Crusher, Auto pan), adjust their parameters. Let your music breathe with some new life. Change up your mix and add some serious fun to the mix.

Video FX and Transitions

Don’t let your audience stare at a blank wall. XYLIO Future DJ Pro comes with native video mix support while also allowing you to apply video transitions and effects you love. Preview decks or master video mix separately in full screen and experience the thrill of engaging your audience while they watch the hottest videos with the best sound.

Works With Video Too

It lets you use your iTunes library as a professional DJ, mixing songs live with the hottest sounds on earth. With this app, you can perform live using all tracks and playlists available in your iTunes music library. Just like the good old times, you can warm up with the turntable and prepare your skills for that next awesome trick.

iTunes Library Integration

You can easily find songs by filtering them by their categories, color-marking them, so you know at a glance which tracks you already have, and previewing and analyzing them. And forget about having to re-rip your entire collection—More than 400 file formats are supported!

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