Windows 7 ISO 32/64-bit Full Version [Ultimate]

Windows 7 ISO Free Download 32-64Bit

Windows 7 ISO 32/64-bit Full Version [Ultimate]


Hi, at the start of 2021, computers in the world are using Windows 7 ISO. But why do so many people still choose windows 7? It is the right choice. Let’s see why Windows 7 is better than dozens.

Windows 7 ISO 32/64-bit Full Version [Ultimate]


Performance of Windows 7. In the tests of operating systems on my computer. I compared the computer’s performance in different editions of Windows, and the 7 showed excellent results. It is especially good at using RAM; it needs a little over 1 gigabyte. Thus if the computer has only two gigabytes of RAM, there will be some memory for work tasks.

It also showed good performance with hard disk memory and ram in the program loading test; it was the fastest to launch an application loading many files. And in tests for converting files, it lost only the enterprise edition between the home and professional editions in performance. The conclusion is obvious if you have an old computer and a little RAM, the 7 will help it run a little faster than some other editions of windows. But we’ll come back to this later.

Interface & Control

It is probably why people love Windows 7, although I put it as the second point. Windows 7 is pretty nicely designed, and the setting seems to be simpler than in the new 10. However, is it so maybe we just got used to it. The 7 is the system that they first saw for many users when they got a home computer. It is associated with new pleasant emotions. Maybe that’s why it seems beautiful and easy to use.

Will it be easy for a person who has learned to work in Windows 10 and its parameters and is not familiar with the 7 to customize its control panel? What do you think? We can say that some things in the interface of the 7 are better. For example, there are no constantly annoying notifications in it. It also makes it easy to disable updates in Windows 10; it is more complex, and not everyone succeeds. Unfortunately, this is where the pros of Windows 7 end, and it’s time to talk about what you should consider using the 7.

Virus Protection

It doesn’t have standard built-in protection against viruses as it is in the top 10. Therefore if you use the internet and, even more so, download various games, movies, and so on, you need to install a good antivirus, an additional load on the RAM and processor.

End Of Support

Although Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. You can still activate it using the keys that you find on the website. On your laptop, you should not download correct pirated builds. It is not safe; there is a severe risk that such windows will contain viruses and spyware. Even if everything is clean there, the pirated build is usually less stable than the original and will need to be reinstalled earlier. So, in any case, whether you are working on a computer with Windows 7 or playing games, you should worry about security use the original build and antivirus.


Compatibility is another area where the 7 is losing out and more and more every year. Firstly, new computers no longer have drivers for windows 7 this means that it will not be able to use some of the devices and then what the point of installing it is.

Secondly, Windows 7 doesn’t support DirectX 12 and, therefore, new games that use it. But if you have an older computer, then you don’t need to worry about this. New games will not start on it anyway, and if you have a new pc with typical hardware, then again, there is no point in installing this version. It will not give you an actual increase in speed, and so we smoothly move on to the conclusions of what is better now, Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Windows 7 VS Windows 10

I will give you some reasons Which one is better and why.

Reason 1

The first option if your pc is old and weak, for example, a Dual-Core processor and 2 3 gigabytes of RAM, you can choose windows 7 x 64 especially if you like its design and interface the 7 will give you good performance. Also, do not forget to activate it and install antivirus. But there is an alternative, for example, Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016. According to my use, it consumes the same amount of memory while it has a built-in windows defender antivirus, and almost all unnecessary programs are cut out, unlike the 7.

LTSB will be supported and updated until 2026. The same edition but in 2019 is labeled LTSC. It will consume a little more than 1.5 gigabytes of RAM but will give more performance.

The only downside to this alternative is the design and interface, which takes some getting used to.

Reason 2

The second option is if you have an average but rather a powerful pc, for example, a 4 or 8 cores processor with more than 4 gigabytes of ram, there will not be much difference between the 7 and 10.

The only question is your preferences. In this case, Windows 10, including enterprise, will allow you to connect new devices and use new windows functions that are not in the 7.

Reason 3

The third option you have a new pc 2019 and younger your variant is Windows 10. It remains only to choose the edition.

How to download and use Windows 7 ISO?

  • First, download the Windows 7 ISO.
  • Now make a bootable USB using Rufus or any other software you like.
  • After that, boot from the USB and install it.
  • Finally, Use the activation key and activate it.
  • Enjoy!
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