Rosetta Stone Crack + Activation Code 2022

Rosetta Stone Crack

Rosetta Stone 5.12.8 Crack + Activation Code 2021


Rosetta Stone Crack is unquestionably one of the most popular language-learning utilities. But is it any good? The answer is yes—especially if you’re dissimilar to a language and want to acquire a strong base of grammar and vocabulary.

It’s well structured, transparent, and moves at a moderate pace. Use Rosetta Stone regularly for a few months, and you’ll learn to speak, read, write, and understand essential words and phrases. Rosetta Stone is the best full-featured language-learning software.

It is a cloud-based software accessed anyplace at any time. It is quite simple, logical, and highly involved in language learning in a well-organized way. This application enables you to learn to deliver any language quickly.

The best thing about this software is its usability & portability. It allows users to take advantage of language learning and thus far more famous for consumers.

Moreover, this is a very budget-friendly way to study the language. For those people who are against buying any product – we ask you to be no longer afraid. This tool will help you learn a new language, and your investment isn’t going to go waste.

If you’re serious about learning other languages, then there is no other software that comes closer to Rosetta Stone. Users can see, speak, hear, read, or write the words they want to learn. The best part of this application is that we can determine the language stepwise.

You can learn naturally, just like in a classroom. The language learning tool carries the stories, guide, phrasebook, and audio guide. It has exclusive speech identification technology through which it becomes easy for us to learn the language. Along with there’s available the function of automatic synchronization among various devices.

Rosetta Stone Crack

If you have any difficulty understanding while reading, shift to the audio tool, and discover the word. It’s so simple and easy software that users can understand quickly.

Moreover, this is a very budget-friendly way to study the language. For those people who are against buying any product – we ask you to be no longer afraid. This tool will help us learn a new language, and our investment will not go waste.

Rosetta Stone 5.12.8 Crack + Activation Code 2021

You can start studying Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese now utilizing this practical program in which daily exercise is essential for your progress.

It’ll give you a feeling as if you’re learning it in the classroom. The content of this software includes an audio guide, phrasebook, and stories. You can get the definition of any word, acquire an understanding of different languages, learn the correct pronunciation of words, and many more.

This app will give you all sorts of learning abilities that make you flawless in any language’s pronunciation. While studying any language will enhance your pronounce, vocabulary, and listening skills.

It will present you with a useful explanation, translation, and vocal sounds, so you do not need any dictionary to refer to any subject word from any language. It will make you able to learn many books in different languages. Plus, it is an exciting app for those who travel worldwide for tour purposes or business purposes.

Rosetta Stone Free Download

Users can start fine-tuning their pronunciation from the very first lesson with this patented TruAccent speech-recognition engine. That way, they will be confident that you know what to say and how to say it.

After installing and configuring this app, you need to select a language from the available list & start the learning process. Whether it is Spanish, English, French, Italian, or Vietnamese, this software offers plenty of information to help you acquire good speaking & reading abilities.

Unlike other apps in this category, Rosetta Stone will prompt the user to connect words with images & display terms only in the language they want to learn, without any translation. Therefore, it relies heavily on intuition & listening skills.

This application implements an immersive approach, so it begins with words & continues with phrases to teach you how to start & hold conversations on various topics, whether you intend to travel abroad or improve your knowledge.

Practice pronunciation with the integrated speech recognition technology to quickly learn the greetings & the useful expressions you have to ask for directions, order food in a restaurant, or interact with locals.


  • It’s a smart & beautiful blend of language actives.
  • This language learns with computer assistance.
  • Rosetta stone helps guide grammar plus pronunciations.
  • It’s intended to mimic style learn to pretend their original languages. It is a popular theory.
  • This program is most other mind approaches.
  • Read, listen; it’s useful to inherit the user’s communication and write.
  • It is updated the glossary in the mighty stream.
  • The picture upgraded.
  • It’s most comfortable to use all languages, transforming into other words.
  • You improve your communication through practice with the iPhone and iPod touché.
  • It also consists of an interface.
  • Rosetta Stone is a handy tool used to learn any language.
  • Users can improve their pronounced and listening perceptions.
  • It proved your most uncomplicated method to learn any language. It’s very simple suitable for many ages.
  • This tool uses natural translation features for people who want to learn some languages.
  • Also, you can modify the noise when you are pressing on the response.
  • Its method to find languages computer.
  • Moreover, it’s updating the glossary.
  • It is the help of the pronunciations.
  • This language learns with computer assistance.
  • Rosetta stone helps teach pronunciations and grammar.
  • It’s useful to imitate ways to learn to imitate their original languages. Rosetta is a popular theory.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7,8,10 or Mac book
  • RAM: 256 RAM
  • HDD Space: 1 GB Hard disk
  • CPU: 1.3 GHz processor

How to Download, Install, and Crack?

  1. First, download the Rosetta Stone Crack from the below link or button.
  2. After that, extract the download file and run the setup file.
  3. Now you need to complete the installation process.
  4. After that installation, copy and paste the crack file from the download folder in C drive’s program files folder.
  5. Now Restart your computer system (PC).
  6. Finally, Done. It is ready to work, & enjoy the full version free.
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