Reservation Master Pro Crack + Serial Key (Latest)

Reservation Master Crack

Reservation Master Pro 8.01 Crack + Serial Key (Latest)


Reservation Master Crack is a comprehensive program that enables you to easily manage your business in hotels, motels, guest houses, lodges, inns, beds, & breakfast, or campgrounds. The app works as a digital front-end assistant, allowing users to book reservations, perform check-ins, the monitor stays, or generate invoices.

Hotel managers must keep a rigorous watch on the available rooms to ensure visitors can book quarters. Fortunately, digital tools have mostly removed the need for manual ledgers. Reservation Master is just one application, allowing the users to record new guests and manage a hotel’s overall lodging capacity.

Reservation Master Crack

It’s a valuable tool for hotel managers and similar officials. It allows users to thoroughly track the most crucial aspect of running a hotel – the reservations and visitors’ status. Color codes permit its users to distinguish between entries visually, and several exporting options allow quick dissemination of the source data.

Reservation Master Pro 8.01 Crack + Serial Key (Latest)

It’ll only allow the user to enter their specific areas of living. However, to use extra features of hotels, it’ll permit some verification and criteria. If we move on to design strategy, you can develop it by yourself. You can create a group list, make payments, housekeeping scenarios, occupation of rooms, arrivals, departures, and periods of stay on your own. Also, download Bluebeam Revu Standard’s new version.


Reservation view & calendar

Reservation Master Pro allows users to view room reservation statuses’ dashboards based on occupied rooms and stay duration. Alternatively, users can view the calendar mode situation and quickly add, remove, or edit entries.

The application allows users to create both individual guest reservations and group reservations for closed rooms. Moreover, users can manage business details, such as contact data, taxes, available rooms & rates, tariffs, packages, preferences, accepted payment, holiday lists, & reports.

Users can assign each payment method a different color, so they can easily identify guests that have opted to spend in cash, with credit cards, or those who already paid the deposit. Moreover, users can mark returning or corporate guests, reservations made via travel agencies, and web reservations.

Services for guests

Once the guest has been added to the database, users can book a reservation, check them in, mark their stay, modify their bill in real-time, and generate invoices. The app features several tabs, each for the preferred view: calendar, arrivals, departures, today’s guests, occupancy, available rooms, or products’ list.

Moreover, users can create several usernames & assign permissions to different areas of the software. You may design & generate periodical reports on guests, arrivals, housekeeping, occupancy, payments, packages, or group listings.

Please keep track of inn visitors & their rooms.

The application is well-suited for medium-size operations, including hotels, motels, inns, & other similar venues. As with all recorders, users must allocate some time configuring the application, especially on the side of the existing lodging conditions; if available, users can also import data from TXTs or CSVs.

Once accurately set up, all the managed rooms will appear intuitively to the left of a calendar view. Users can easily check reservations with this layout, ensuring rooms aren’t left unoccupied due to processing errors.

Records the personal details of the guests

The utility can handle both single & group reservations, complete with detailed visitor information, although adding guest quick-check-ins. One of the program’s noteworthy and convenient features is color codes to depict guarantee status. For example, users who have already spent on the booking are colored with green, while corporate customers are easily spotted due to the light-blue color tones.

The multi-tabbed interface allows managers to quickly view the occupancy status, as well as arrivals or departures. Customer lists can also be viewed, & one can easily export all the data to various formats, including CSVs, PDFs, or Excel spreadsheets.

A bundle of useful features

In addition to Reservation Master, this software offers the calendar view tab or the possibility of creating HTML pages displaying the occupancy dates. Moreover, users can export data to PDF, view the products in a separate tab, monitor sales to non-staying guests, or manage product inventory. You can also create a layout tab to display a hotel/motel/complex and create usernames to restrict access to certain aspects of the application.

Other Features

Export raw data when required:

  • An easy-to-use interface is available for exporting selected data, which you can then use in other programs of your choice. In many cases, click the Excel button to export the selected sheet to Excel.

Find out your income and occupancy levels in one 1-click:

  • This app will generate these reports for you, so you have to provide accurate information on your income and occupancy. Besides this, it’ll display occupancy levels on top of the booking sheets at all times.

Calendar view

  • The calendar view provides users with an overall occupancy status for the selected year; besides this, they will find a listing of available rooms and occupied rooms on the right-hand side.


  • Nothing is more charming to a potential customer than knowing exactly what they are paying for.
  • Email support is provided free of charge.
  • Except for web reservations, you do not have to pay an annual subscription fee.
  • It’ll provide minor program updates free (there may be a charge for major upgrades)

Create an occupancy web page:

  • From the calendar tab, you can create a web page displaying your occupancy status, which you can customize and upload to your web site. Also, you can generate reports which provide you with an up to date room availability information.

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