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NetSetMan Pro Full Crack + License Key Free {2021}

NetSetMan Pro 4.7.2 Crack + License Key Free Download


NetSetMan Pro Crack is an advanced and approachable software utility that enables you to create and easily switch through six different profiles with network settings. I haven’t encountered any security issues in my tests. Also, the application didn’t hang, crash, or prompt error messages. It had minimal impact on PC performance, using low CPU and memory.

It can become a reliable assistant to anyone who wants to juggle multiple network profiles from the system tray efficiently. Plus, it’s free. It is a network settings manager. Plus, it can also easily switch between 6 different profiles, including IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server, Win server, computer name, printer, DNS domain, workgroup, and scripts. It can also get current settings & do a FastSwitch from the tray bar. Also, with only two mouse clicks, users can activate a saved profile, & it is easy to use.

NetSetMan Pro Crack

Moreover, when you’ve got the NetSetMan application open for added convenience, a Tools menu serves as a jumping-off point to eight or more frequently used Windows configuration areas. It includes obvious choices like the network browser and adapter settings and some handy ones that aren’t even networking-related, like display options & power management. On Vista, menu options include the Network & Sharing Center and the Windows Mobility Center for notebooks. The ability to export & import NetSetMan settings to a file allows you to easily backup your profile configuration info or move it over to a new system.

NetSetMan Pro 4.7.2 Crack + License Key Free Download

Because administrative access is needed to change Windows’s network settings, it’s a prerequisite for NetSetMan to work. Therefore, if you usually operate from a Windows account that lacks administrative privileges, additional steps must be taken to use the software.

Special Considerations

When users start NetSetMan from a non-administrator account, it’ll prompt you to enter the username & password for an administrator account. It encrypts & stores to use for subsequent launches. On the other hand, if you use this app on a Vista system with User Access Control (UAC) turned on, you’ll need to confirm to launch the utility even if you’ve got an administrator account.

A workaround for either of the above situations is to download an additional component that enables NetSetMan to run as a Windows service; this makes it part of the operating system & eliminates the need to run it under a user account.

One final item worth noticing is that NetSetMan’s freeware license agreement allows it to be useful only in a home or other non-commercial context. To use NetSetMan in any commercial or business environment (like on a work PC), you must pay some cash for the Pro version. Fortunately, the Pro upgrade tacks several features that might be of interest to business users. It’s including support for an unlimited number of profiles that add domain and proxy server settings.

Find yourself often having to change network settings when you move between networks at school, home, work, or elsewhere (or even if you sometimes need to configure your PC with different settings for the same network). It will make those transitions fast and easy.


Installer & portable version

Also, the NetSetMan comes both with an installer & portable edition so that you can select the preferred option. The critical difference is that the portable app can be extracted to a removable storage device to run the app on any PC you come across, with no installation required.

System tray accessibility

Once launched, this tool creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area & gets sent there when minimized. Plus, it doesn’t interrupt the machine’s regular activity.

The main app window has a clear-cut structure & contains six tabs dedicated to putting together six profiles with different network settings.

Profiles in Networking

NetSetMan’s network profiles contain a dozen different parameters, including IP address, default gateway, DNS, PC & Workgroup names, default printer, mapped drives, & login scripts. When users install NetSetMan, they’re presented with a six-tab UI for profile configuration & selection. Settings for each profile are available in the same window, so users can view or modify them without navigating through different menus. Instead of entering settings by hand, there’s a feature that lets you customize a profile by pulling in all of the system’s current network settings. It is a real time saver.

Users can label individual NetSetMan profiles for easy identification, & switching between profiles is a quick two-click affair — select a profile, click Activate, & the profile is loaded.

You can even right-click the NetSetMan’s tray icon to change profiles without opening the main application window quickly. Suppose users hover the mouse over the tray icon instead. In that case, they get a pop-up window displaying basic network settings — like IP, default gateway, and DNS addresses (for each network adapter if you have more than one active). Plus, it eliminates the need to run IPCONFIG or delve into Windows menus layers to obtain this oft-referenced configuration information.

Create up to six network profiles

The customizable parameters pertain to the network adapter, IP and gateway, route table, DND server, suffix, WINS server, wireless network connection, printer, computer name, workgroup, SMTP, and network drives, hosts, scripts, and IPv6.

Moreover, you can configure system settings for display mode, wallpaper, desktop color, screensaver, design scheme, audio volume (speakers, microphone, sound system), Windows Firewall (exceptions, notifications), and power plan time zone, or MAC address.

Any networking profile can be disabled and restarted. You can edit the names when quickly selecting them from the systray icon’s right-click menu, copy and paste settings. You can import and export profiles, configure advanced TCP/UP parameters if necessary, and access some Windows features without leaving NetSetMan’s interface (e.g., Volume Control, Power Options, Mobility Center).

Other Features

  • IP Addresses
  • WiFi Management
  • Computer Name
  • Workgroup
  • Default Printer
  • Network Drives
  • Plus, DNS Suffix
  • Route Table
  • SMTP Server
  • Moreover, Hosts File Entries
  • System Settings
  • MAC Address
  • Furthermore, NIC Status
  • Protocol Bindings
  • Additionally, LAN Settings (Speed/Duplex, MTU, VLAN…)
  • Connections (RAS/DUN/PPP/VPN)
  • Also, Scripts (BAT, VS, JS…)
  • Program Execution
  • AutoSwitch
  • Tray-Info for all current IP settings
  • Tray-Menu for quickly switching profiles
  • Also, it has an NSM Service for usage without admin privileges.
  • Administration for defining permissions
  • Two different user interfaces (Full & Compact)
  • Additionally, it has a Command-line activation.
  • You’ll have quick access to frequently used Windows locations.
  • Pre-Logon profile switching
  • Windows 8/10 App: NetSetMan Touch

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