Driver Magician Crack + Serial Key Full Download

Driver Magician Full Crack + Keygen Download

Driver Magician 5.5 Crack + Serial Key Full Download


Driver Magician Crack offers you a one-stop solution for all your driver backup, restoration, update, and removal needs. It is a powerful and comprehensive suite of tools designed to help users keep their Windows system up-to-date. It is a free driver backup tool that makes your PC drivers better than new ones! After you reinstall your windows or upgrade to a higher version, you can restore all the “saved” drivers just as if you had the original driver diskettes in your hands. After one reboot, your PC will be loaded and running with all required hardware drivers.

It has a database of millions of pre-programmed drivers, which can help you easily install drivers for devices. Driver Magician is a toolbox to help you quickly and safely update the drivers on your PC. It brings PC faster, more convenient & easier. Not only can you save more time on finding out the correct drivers, but you can also have better control of your hardware and keep your drivers up-to-date.

This free software helps you update outdated drivers on your computer, fix driver anomalies, and keep your PC in optimal condition. It is here to help. Just point Driver Magician to your PC’s driver folder, and it instantly uninstalls unnecessary drivers installed by Windows and identifies all unknown devices in the system. Then it automatically backs up your existing drivers, updates them to the latest versions online, and restores them to where they were. You can even save a complete set of up-to-date drivers on your hard disk for easy reinstallation at any time.

Driver Magician Crack

Moreover, it keeps automatic drivers backup, detects the unknown device, and fixes missing driver issues. All within a straightforward UI that doesn’t require technical skills. Restore your computer to the same condition in which you bought it. Even if you’re not very experienced, Driver Magician can help you diagnose, back up, restore, remove, update and repair the hardware drivers on your computer quickly. If your hardware is not functioning correctly or damaged, you can use this app to help.

Driver Magician 5.5 Crack + Serial Key Full Download

It allows you to create an auto-setup package for your driver. Plus, it means that if you need to reinstall the driver, you can run the .exe file and automatically install all of the drivers with just one click. It is an intuitive application that makes it possible for everyone to update the drivers of their computer. Plus, it sports a simple interface that looks like a dashboard, where you can access all of its features with just one click.

It comes with a minimalistic interface suitable for all users.

After a smooth and effortless installation, you can access the user-friendly and intuitive appeal that makes it easier than ever to perform your driver management operations, including updating, backing up, restoring, and uninstalling in just a couple of clicks.

An easy-to-use application, Driver Magician provides driver search functions that enable you to add a missing driver to your computer. You can also update an outdated driver with one from the database to improve your PC’s performance.

A simple tool to create backups and update device drivers

It inspires confidence with its simple display, showing you which drivers are new and which ones have been updated. The app would benefit from a feature that details the differences between the old and new drivers.

Moreover, it is a user-friendly driver manager who can help you manage the drivers for all hardware on your computer. Using a friendly and intuitive interface won’t take you a lot of time to get accustomed to using this handy tool. The application does not allow you to compare the drivers directly, but it helps track the changes that have been made since you installed them to revert from their undesirable effects, if any, easily.


  • With Driver Magician, you can back up device drivers of your computer in four modes – Standard Mode, Complete Mode, Normal Mode, and Universal Mode – to restore them quickly and easily whenever that might be necessary.
  • Need to replace a computer but don’t have the proper driver? It will help you restore device drivers from backup in one simple mouse click.
  • It is a simple tool for updating the drivers. Plus, it fixes your computer’s problems and keeps it running at top speed. It’s a quick and easy way to maximize your PC’s performance!
  • Moreover, it is the only driver updater software in the market, designed to save you time and cost. This database is used by thousands of people every day, with over ten thousand new records being added each day.
  • Driver Magician is the best tool for you to detect unknown devices. It can back up more items such as My Documents and Desktop, which default by Windows do not support.
  • Furthermore, it is software that allows you to restore more items from a hard disk or USB device backup. It has a user-friendly interface, which allows you to manage about 500,000 drivers. It offers detailed information about the hardware drivers.
  • With this software, you don’t need to go online and find the proper driver for your computer. You can clone all current drivers to an auto-setup package (.exe), so you can restore drivers without installing Driver Magician.

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