DFX Audio Enhancer 15 Crack + Serial Number [Full Working]

DFX Audio Enhancer 15 Crack


DFX Audio Enhancer 15 Crack contains an extensive collection of audio plugins from Fxsound. Designed to enhance sound quality, the product is compatible with Winamp, J. River Media Center, DivX Player, MusicMatch, MediaMonkey and foobar2000. A particular version for Apple devices is also available. Addons were individually available for these products.

It’s a smart acquisition for both amateurs & professionals. Providing a rich bouquet of audio controls and effects, somehow compensates for the necessity to buy costly audio hardware.

It brings High Definition sound quality to your pc by enhancing it with 3D surround sound, higher Fidelity, and booming bass. Install DFX & be amazed at the added sound clarity & punch that your PC provides. DFX will improve websites, music, videos, Internet radio, games, video chats, and different applications. The Explore function of DFX Audio Enhancer lets you quickly discover new music, access music videos, view track lyrics, and more directly from the DFX UI.

DFX Audio Enhancer will dramatically improve the sound quality of your favorite applications and websites with 3D Surround, higher Fidelity, booming bass, and more, providing exceptional playback quality on your Windows PC.

DFX Audio Enhancer 15 Crack

You’ll be able to further enhance the media experience by selecting one of the predefined processing modes: Music Type I (a general control that works for many music types), Music Type 2 (for modern styles such as hip-hop or dance) and speech (for movies, radio, audiobooks, and so on.). Different genre-specific changes can be performed through the generous selection of audio presets.


Easy To Use and Customizable

Install DFX and begin playing music, movies, games, or anything else with sound. That is it! With its standard settings, you will instantly be amazed at the added clarity & punch that your PC now provides. Fine-tuning the audio settings is an easy option. DFX has an intuitive UI with tooltips to guide users, along with an entire list of factory-tuned presets for all types of music. You’ll be able even to create and save your custom preset.

Advanced DSP Sound Quality Enhancement Effects

An essential aspect of any audio program is how well it sounds. While sound quality can be highly subjective, the consensus from both reviewers and users alike is that the sound quality of DFX is exceptional.

Enhance the quality of your audio players

Regardless of the player, you’re utilizing, DFX Audio Enhancer boosts the quality of your favorite soundtracks in a professional yet user-friendly way. This plugin will significantly improve your audio experience, providing HD sound in real-time while listening to songs.

The application not only brings high Fidelity to your local music assortment but however it may also be used while playing Internet radio streams. The beautiful selection of controls and effects, along with the built-in presets, manage to provide rich and deep sounds that are otherwise accomplishable with costly stereo hardware.

Supports many ordinary audio players and services

Installation, as well as utilization, is a breeze. Unlike different plugins that you need to find yourself in an audio player, this one automatically launches when you open the media player. A compact, user-friendly GUI (that can be customized through the built-in skin collection) hosts all of the options you need to make songs sound more natural.

To sum up, controls include Fidelity (eliminates the effects caused by data compression in Internet radio), Ambience (boosts stereo depth), 3D Surround (adds depth and compensates for sonic losses), Dynamic Boost (will increase the perceived loudness) and Hyperbass (inserts bass results). All of these can be adjusted through sliders, and the results are noticeable in real-time.

Speakers and Headphones Modes

The listening atmosphere section allows you to get optimized sound for your listening environment quickly. Speaker mode optimizes your listening experience via speaker systems. The headphone mode optimizes your listening experience via headphones.

Finely-Tuned Music Presets

DFX is provided with a broad set of easy to pick processing presets that make it easy to find the settings which best match your audio system and listening tastes. You can even create and save your custom presets if desired. DFX allows you to import and export your personal presets for backup and restore purposes.

Dynamic Sound Spectrum Analyzer

With the brand new Spectrum Analyzer, you’ll be able to “see” DFX audio enhancement processing at work. Showing the sound frequencies of your music is a highly effective tool that permits you to refine your enhancement settings for optimum sound.

Other Options

  • 3D Surround Sound: Immerse yourself contained in the music
  • Booming HyperBass: Produce deeper, richer bass
  • Stereo Ambiance: Renew lost stereo depth and body
  • High Fidelity Restoration: Eliminate that “muffled” sound
  • Dynamic Audio Boost: Pump up the volume
  • Spectrum Analyzer: “See” DFX improve your sound
  • Headphones Optimization: Hear more nice, natural sounds with headphones
  • Multiple Processing: Modes Optimize sound quality for music, speech and different audio types
  • Customizable Audio: Presets Select from many factory-tuned settings or create your own
  • Preset to Song Association: Get the proper sound for each music you play

System Requirements

  • CPU: 1.5 GHz processor or better
  • HDD Space: 10 MB free hard disk space
  • RAM: 1024 MB RAM (2048 MB recommended)

The best way to Download, Set up, and Activate?

  • First, download DFX Audio Enhancer 15 Crack from the below button or link.
  • Then, install it and generate the registration key.
  • Now, use the license code to activate the app.
  • Lastly, Done. Enjoy!
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