Schoolhouse Test Pro Crack + Full [Latest]

Schoolhouse Test Pro Crack

Schoolhouse Test Pro Crack + Full [Latest]


Each test you take is intended to get you one step closer to success. Schoolhouse Test Pro Crack gives you the possibility to create your own set of questions in a matter of minutes. It gives you the option to assemble several questions into a test quickly. The only thing you need to bother about is gathering as much info as possible and splitting them into various types of queries.

Schoolhouse Test Pro Crack + Full [Latest]


Lightweight and straightforward

The application features a standard interface, making you feel familiar from the moment you start using it. Every option is visible, and the attributed icons are intuitive enough to give you a glimpse of what they are useful for.

Also, there are several themes to choose from to give the interface a comforting look.

Multiple question items

Your workspace takes up most of the main window’s space. Here’s where questions are shown in detail & composed. Besides the query itself & the available answers, you can also add a picture next to each of them. It comes in handy in case the question requires visual support for better understanding.

Preview & print your document

Upon completing all fields & have the test ready, you can switch to the “Document View” or “Answer Sheet View” to make final adjustments to the page layout. However, customization features for the design itself are limited and slightly tricky to work with.

Test items are arranged automatically, with no assistance for you to drag elements around and position your liking. However, the spacing between components can be adjusted. Also, the background cannot be modified, & the number of pictures you can add next to a question is limited to one.

You can choose to print the document once it’s done, along with the answer sheet having correct items highlighted, or can be exported as a PDF file for later use.

Fourteen question types

Using various question types in your tests and quizzes will make the evaluation more exciting and challenging for your students. It’ll also make it easier to assess learning for material that doesn’t conform to the standard multiple-choice question type.


Reuse and recycle your tests with automated randomization. With just a single click, you can randomize the choice elements in any multi-choice type question (multiple-choice, checklist, matching, etc.). And with the Pro edition, you can randomize the questions (all, selected, or groups) to be in a different order. The same set of questions – various tests.


Schoolhouse Test is all about printable tests. Creating and printing a high-quality paper-&-pencil test, quiz, or exam has never been easier. Its test makes a time-consuming chore a whole lot easier & the result considerably more professional. Some of our users have even hinted that creating tests with Schoolhouse Test can be an enjoyable process.

Other Features

  • Create tests, quizzes, & exams with hundreds, even thousands, of questions.
  • Document View Activate & deactivate test items with just a click of a checkbox.
  • Document View Assign & display marks for each question in your quiz.
  • Also, Document View Auto reminder to back up your work – an invaluable feature if the computer is prone to power outages.
  • Document View Select another lettering for multiple choice answers to meet some USA state education authorities’ formatting standards.
  • Document View Customize questions & answers using superscript, subscript, bold, italic & underline for words, phrases, or whole text blocks.
  • Additionally, Document View Set custom font styles for the entire quiz or test from the Global Fonts dialog.
  • Document View Ribbon navigation brings the most useful features out in the open, making them easy to access, and eliminating the need for drop-down menus that hide features & are sometimes difficult to work with.
  • Document View Add an image or logo image to the Title Group (first-page header) for both the test document and the answer sheet.

More Features

  • Moreover, Document View Assign a Level and a Category to each question and then use those filters to select your quizzes and test questions.
  • Document View Use a Diagram question type to render an image to be labeled or create a space on the test or answer sheet for diagrams to be drawn.
  • Document View The Fill-in-the-Blanks question will provide a way to select parts of a word, a phrase, or entire sentences. Double-click the word to remove it from the text or click the Select button.
  • Also, Document View Use pictures to answer choices for Multiple Choice, Matching, and Order questions. Or use a combination of text and image for answers.
  • Document View Add a page break & opt to allow a question & its answer to be separated over multiple pages if necessary (uncheck Keep Together for a question to have it span more than one page).
  • Also, Document View A standard Find and Replace to locate questions with particular terms faster, & replace words or phrases throughout the quiz or test easily.
  • Document View Copy & paste math equations from Microsoft Word or MathType as resizable pictures.
  • Furthermore, Document View Makes any question a sample question by setting marks value to 0. A sample question will not be assigned a question number.
  • Document View A design editor allows for multiple fill up and fill down edits to marks, level, category, and activation.

How to Download, Install, and Crack?

  • First, download the Schoolhouse Test Pro Crack and disconnect your PC from the internet.
  • After that, unpack and install this software (run setup)
  •  After that installation, don’t run yet; exit the program if running.
  • Now Copy the cracked file or Use Keygen/Patch and License Key.
  • It would help if you disabled automatic updates.
  • Finally, Done. Enjoy!
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