HomeGuard Crack + License Key Free Download

HomeGuard Crack

HomeGuard Crack + License Key Free Download


HomeGuard Crack is a tool that will monitor your child’s online activity and record any inappropriate content they may come across online. You can set it up to send you alerts as soon as any such content is detected. It’s completely undetectable and works on any browser, making it reliable and easy to use. Protect your kids from cyberbullies with the HomeGuard Activity Monitor. It allows you to monitor your children’s online activity, so you can rest easy knowing they’re safe online.

Get peace of mind by blocking objectionable content for all devices on your maximum speed internet. Have more fun online with games and videos instead of worrying about what’s being blocked. With this software, you can set up rules for whenever certain files are accessed, copied, or moved. You can even create an alert when your kids use specific websites or applications. It effectively prevents unwanted activity on your computer. You can use it to block applications, files, Internet browsing, track the history of your computer’s activity, and more.

You can see your home from anywhere in the world. It is an essential tool that gives security, peace of mind and allows you to participate in your family’s life. You’ll always know what is happening inside or outside your home at any time of day or night (and even who might be coming to visit). It gives you an extra layer of protection, monitoring your home network for suspicious activity. It also allows you to block inappropriate sites, helping you prevent the risk of URLs taking users to malicious sites.


HomeGuard Crack + License Key Free Download

Cleverly designed and easy to use

A security that’s simple and effective. HomeGuard is a child protection software that tracks and logs every action while you’re away from your computer. It provides unobstructed access to all features on your machine while ensuring your children do not use the computer more than they should.

The intuitive yet complex software you will learn to use is completely customizable to work with your busy schedule and habits. You can tailor-fit your computer usage so that watching over kids, monitoring the safety of elderly parents, and ensuring the safety of pets becomes hassle-free and automatic.

Assuring full protection

As a self-managed computer user, you want to protect your system from malware and application issues. It is a powerful application that gives you the possibility to block running software and files from being accessed, moved, or deleted. The same applies to Internet browsing – you can prevent harmful content from being displayed by applying word filters.

It is a platform that will take out those unwanted ads from your social media account. It will save you from sharing sensitive and personal photos and videos to random strangers and not allow your child to use your social media accounts without restriction. HomeGuard will provide you with a safe and secure social life – all under one platform.

Blocking Features

HomeGuard is here to help you manage your children’s computer usage. With HomeGuard, you’ll be able to specify the exact time that your children can use the computer, block specific websites for specific times, and view detailed records of everything they access on the computer. It’s a simple yet effective solution for internet security. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to protect your family from harmful online content and prevent computer usage.

Monitoring Features

Moreover, it is a confidential monitoring solution that enables you to monitor all activity on your PC. It allows for instant messaging, emailing, keylogging, voice recording, screenshot capturing, tracking of file movements, and more. It protects my home while cloaking the presence of security to both burglars and guests. What makes it different from other solutions is that HomeGuard doesn’t require a professional installation or monitoring by a third party and does not create a physical barrier between my family and me. It’s also virtually impossible to detect, as the main monitoring unit is hidden inside my keypad near the front door, which triggers continuous but silent screenshots.

Filtering based on website content, not just names

This software makes it easy to keep inappropriate content away from your children. No more worry about employees wasting time on Facebook or porn sites popping up when you give them the computer at home to use after work. It monitors your child’s Internet activity, even while using gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets. In addition to monitoring which online content your children are exposed to, HomeGuard can help prevent identity theft and keep your family safe from online predators.

Websites blocking by name or URL, blacklists, and whitelists

Have you ever wanted to block certain websites from certain computers? Do you want to allow specific websites only on specific computers? How about other features such as denying access to iTunes or Games while working? We have a solution for you. Access the site from the link below to start using HomeGuard.

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