FastFolders 5.11.0 Crack + Serial Key Full Version 2022

FastFolders Crack

FastFolders 5.11.0 Crack + Serial Key Full Version 2022


Often you have a lot of files on your hard drive, and it’s not that easy to navigate them. With FastFolders Crack, you can create a list of your most frequently visited folders and drives, which you can then open from the context menu, or drag and drop objects with the right mouse button. A smarter way to file your files. Fastfolders is a free and open-source tool to show your disk directory structure as a list within your shell context menu.

It has been designed to increase your productivity significantly by allowing quick and easy access to folder contents and files. Just click the right mouse button on a file, folder, or drive to browse it through its simple and intuitive interface. It is a free application that enables you to perform batch processing of folders and their contents easily. It uses the right mouse button as a quick target, allowing you to click once on a folder and open it in a window, allowing you to navigate the folder structure using a standard file viewer.

The program can show the size of folders, including their subfolders and files, in a pie chart. It is extremely helpful for getting an overview of your disk space distribution. Plus, it is good for space management. It can show you how many files are big, small, or huge. You can even sort your files by their size.

Don’t let the name fool you—pressing the “CTRL” key on your keyboard will allow you to open multiple items at once without cumbersome submenus or repetitive clicks.

FastFolders Crack

Moreover, it provides a way to open a directory in Windows Explorer or a standard file dialog. It saves you having to navigate there manually, and it’s especially useful if the directory contains a large number of files and folders. Browse your operating system’s desktop! It briefly exposes all “My Computer”-like Shell objects via easy-to-reach, but normally invisible, Quick Launch icons.

FastFolders 5.11.0 Crack + Serial Key Full Version 2022

Don’t waste time searching your hard drive for the file you need. FastFolders lets you quickly drag and drop files to create custom folders on your desktop. Its tabbed interface presents you with a new way to browse your files. It automatically groups your files into multiple columns, leaving more space on your desktop for working.

Imagine being able to access any file from a user-friendly directory structure. You can view files quickly and manage them just as easily. FastFolders makes this a reality, reaching into network locations and displaying any file type in a familiar directory format. It is the perfect solution for your busy lifestyle. It allows you to organize documents, photos, music, and more so you don’t have to waste time looking for them.

Easily access any file or folder.

FastFolders is a very simple and highly effective application for your Windows operating system. If you need to open a massive number of folders, FastFolders can help you shorten the amount of time it takes. It also allows you to integrate into your list of favorites to avoid switching between methodologies. Plus, it can be found in the right-click menu after installation and is very easy to use because it conforms to your Windows 7 system.

With this software, you can add any folder to your favorites menu. It reduces distractions and makes navigation a little easier. You can add files, folders, or new items to the favorites menu by hovering over the object with your mouse.


  • With this software, you can right-click on a folder or file and see a dynamic structure of its contents. You can navigate this structure using the standard Windows context menu.
  • It can even browse all your computer’s “places” objects, including the My Computer, Control Panel, Network Neighborhood, etc.
  • We have made it easy to store files on your PC by adding a special custom folder known as the FastFolders menu. No more searching through endless folders looking for your favorite media or images.
  • Most of the time, we have difficulty finding a file in a large directory. But with this software, you’ll be able to use multiple columns to organize your files.
  • It uses a revolutionary new way to create and manage folders, allowing you quick access to every folder on your computer, along with any file type, not just documents or pictures.
  • It has a multitude of features that will make your daily tasks easier. You can organize your open windows, speed up menu displays and access them faster, and change the appearance of the menus.

Other Features

  • By pressing “S” or the middle mouse button, you can see which items and sub-items are currently displayed. To switch display units, press “U.”
  • Press “C” to copy a list of contents of this item to the clipboard (like a directory listing). “SHIFT+C” includes the directory information.
  • To keep Fast Folders open, just press CTRL. Not only that, but you can also press CTRL+Shift to open all subfolders.
  • When you press ‘Shift’ while moving a folder in FastFolders, it will open up in explorer instead of a new FastFolders window.
  • It is a lightweight system service that can update, install and uninstall with no user action required. It’s the best deployment utility for silent installation and uninstallation of the software.
  • FastFolders adds several useful navigation features to Windows 10.

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