cFosSpeed Crack + Serial Number Free Download

cFosSpeed Crack

cFosSpeed Crack + Serial Number Free Download


cFosSpeed Crack is one great application on the surface, optimizing and prioritizing your Internet connections to get the best out of your subscription. Being one of the top tools in its category, this app may not be your typical all-bragging no-brainier software that promises to provide astronomical Internet speeds no matter the connection type.

First things first – it provides a new control system for every Internet connection that your PC establishes regardless of its downloading or uploading state. As long as the connection is made through a DSL, cable, mobile broadband modem, WiFi, or LAN, this program will take charge of its management.

This software comprises many intelligent features that keep the Internet at speed even though you already have started generating heavy traffic over the line, enhancing the ping latencies for the gamer in you, and cutting down audio/video streaming issues.

The technology behind these goods relies on the `Traffic Shaping` that’ll add an RWIN expansion to the standard Windows RCP Auto-Tuning and the Prioritization. It automatically sets specific applications such as Web browsers, games, or VoIP to a higher priority than ordinary or file-sharing download and uploads operations.

cFosSpeed also allows you to manage every Internet connection’s priorities, putting you in complete control over the importance of simultaneously running processes. The application’s primary goal is to deliver the maximum possible speed while keeping the Ping to minimal values.

The program’s interface displays a chart containing several connections such as Web, Up/download, Mail, Fileshare/P2P, Streaming, VoIP, Interactive, or Receive / Send total. It comes in many sizes & styles as you can easily select one of them from the contextual menu. The application also supports Logitech gaming keyboards.

cFosSpeed Crack

The Traffic Shaping menu provides a set of options like `Favor bandwidth,` `Calibrate line,` or `Send test pings.` At the same time, the Settings window packs Automatic RWIN expansion functions as well as Protocols, Programs, Adapter Info, Online Budgets, and Traffic Analysis.

cFosSpeed Crack + Serial Number Free Download

The bottom line is that cFosSpeed is, indeed, a very well-polished application that, given time, grows on you. Once you get the hang of it, you enter a new territory where you are totally in control of any aspect regarding the speed of your Internet connection and the qualitative experience it brings to the high-priority customizable list of programs.


  • Special speed-up for pass-through LAN traffic
  • Designed to keep all out-of-band packet information intact, resulting in improved ad hoc VPN compatibility
  • Support for NDIS header/data split
  • Improved analysis of networking edge cases
  • Additional speed improvements of Traffic Shaping path
  • Support for Task Offloading: Checksum Offloading (IP & TCP/UDP), Large Segment Offloading, & Receive Segment Coalescing With the new networking code, it has only barely noticeable. CPU load also at full blast 10 GBit/s LAN traffic!
  • Added a different API to get current connections information, which is 20 times faster than the old one. The connections dialog now displays a CPS history of the last 15 secs.
  • If many routes to the Internet exist simultaneously, cFosSpeed can now use all of them for Traffic Shaping. It is especially useful if you have a balancing setup, e.g., one LAN adapter and one mobile adapter in use simultaneously.
  • Added new pingers: UDPv6. It should make cFosSpeed’s pings even more stable.
  • Removed “idle” class. Now every connection with set L7-protocol & known program name gets a class assigned right away.
  • Added new “spd gset passthru” modes. So far, we had: 0 = switches off pass-thru mode – data is put through the driver. One = do as little as possible to hand packets to the next driver. 2 = do all the port handling, but don’t analyze or modify it. Now we add data: like 1, :3 = tx RX data: like 2, RX data: like 2. 4 = tx data: like 1. Debugging purpose only.
  • All dialog pages are now built-in into the main navigation.
  • Reaction time in RWIN expansion was promoted, thus increasing throughput.

Other Features

  • Changed HTTP requests, so they’re hopefully more compatible with certain proxies.
  • For click-through-auto mode, users can now configure the time needed to switch off click-through (the time users need to hover the mouse pointer over the cFosSpeed window). To set that time, set the key click_through_time= in file %LOCALAPPDATA%\cfos\cfosspeed\user_data.ini, section [All]. The default is 3 secs. Thanks to leon479959891 for the suggestion.
  • Added “spd flush_usage_logs”. Speeded “spd flush.”
  • The cFosSpeed service now uses routing/address/UI change notifications to monitor route changes instead of a periodic timer to save processing power.
  • Optimized handling of how used apps are tracked & stored. It is now faster & more consistent.
  • Useful tech from cFos Personal Net to make the webserver of the service more responsive.
  • “spd pcnt” will only work if the new flag global counters is fastened to 1. Enable it by “spd gset global_counters 1”.
  • They’ve added time to the “X” type line of the metadata dump. The line is printed when a TCP or UDP connection is killed.

More Features

  • It can now display a toast notification under Win 10 Build 17763+. A click on the latest version update notification leads to our web page, where you can download the installation archive.
  • By default, full-screen detections require that the full-screen window is on the same monitor as the cFosSpeed status window. You can change it, so the full screen is detected even if the full-screen window is on a different monitor than the cFosSpeed status window by configuring “per_monitor_fullscreen=0” file c:\users\\appdata\local\cfos\cfosspeed\user_data.ini section. Thanks to Ori for the suggestion. Added a setting where users can turn off full-screen detection if the fullscreen window is not on the same monitor.
  • Keep your Internet fast during heavy upload/download
  • Improve your Ping for online games
  • Hopefully fixed a spurious bluescreen when RX shaping was active.
  • Fixed bug in window positioning.
  • Added gset copy_oob. It can be disabled for debugging purposes.
  • Reduce audio/video streaming problems
  • WiFi access point
  • Fixed a bluescreen in the 32-bit version.
  • cFosSpeed accessed RSC structures on NDIS < 6.30, where such structures are not supported. It led to all kinds of statistical miscalculations. Fixed.
  • Fixed wrong average transfer units (cons -atu). It is used in RX shaping as well.
  • Fixed “spd perf” headings.
  • The status window position is now stored concerning the monitor resolution.
  • Speed-up for high-speed connections. Now they should get full thruput, even on slower machines.
  • cFos Traffic Shaping for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

How to Download, Install, and Crack?

  • First, download the cFosSpeed Crack and disconnect your PC from the Internet.
  • After that, unpack and install this software (run setup)
  •  After that installation, don’t run yet; exit the program if running.
  • Now Copy the cracked file or Use Keygen/Patch and License Key.
  • It would help if you disabled automatic updates.
  • Finally, Done. Enjoy!
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