Ashampoo Backup Pro Crack + License Key [2022]

Ashampoo Backup Pro Crack

 Ashampoo Backup Pro 15.03 Crack + License Key [2022]


Ashampoo Backup Pro Crack is easy to set up and very user-friendly with a simple interface. Protect your important files from ransomware attacks or hardware issues with the convenient rollback feature. Developed with and for you by the renowned and friendly Ashampoo developers, Ashampoo Backup Pro is an innovative and simple choice in backup software. Use it always to be sure that your precious data is safe!

It provides you with an integrated backup solution for your Mac. Choose to back up individual files and folders, your entire hard drive, or both. If something should happen, like a crash or other problem or simply if you want to clean up space, the rescue mode gives you the ability to restore your system to a working state right from within the application.

It realizes that it’s not just about backup, but that backup is just one of the most important elements of your digital life. Ashampoo Backup Pro is an essential part of this, especially because nothing else can create backups of all your files with just two clicks, even entire operating systems. With Ashampoo Backup Pro, you can be sure that your most valuable data will remain safe and sound.

Back up your files and protect your data! With Ashampoo Backup Pro, you can back up entire disk drives and all of their data regardless of the operating system. It’s the only solution that protects Windows boot partitions and those with alternate operating systems such as Linux or OSX.

Ashampoo Backup Pro Crack

It is the solution for everyone who wants to create backups of their files without manually setting up the backup jobs every day. The operation of Ashampoo Backup Pro is always completely in the background. The program will not interrupt your work until sufficient resources are available. Innovative compression and encryption algorithms ensure efficient data backups, which are made safe against unauthorized access.

 Ashampoo Backup Pro 15.03 Crack + License Key [2022]

It easily backs up files to the cloud, external drives, network drives, and more. The app also supports ZIP and RAR formats and can restore data directly from Windows Explorer. It is an integrated system backup solution. It creates bootable DVDs / USB drives that provide assistance in a total system failure and restore your computer even when it refuses to boot. Plus, it features disk health checks based on SMART values and disk surface checks for internal and external disks.

It has a new Backup Viewer with instant access to all your data. Now you can skip the restore process and see your files immediately, even if your backup is on an external disk or in the cloud. You can easily backup or clone your entire system using the app, update files or individual folders, sync files with external drives and cloud storage, encrypt containers for sensitive data, and more!


No need for reinstallations; it’s the solution against malware.

Ransomware threatens to wipe out your files, rendering your computer unusable. Viruses are known to delete everything. It prevents this from happening by saving your most important data – so you can always go back in time!

Always up-to-date backups with maximum file encryption

We take all precautions to make sure your backed-up files stay safe and sound. Even the best backup copies aren’t helpful if they get stolen or damaged. That’s why we take extra steps to make sure your irreplaceable data stays safe even in the worst conditions. Our proprietary backup system uses a revolutionary combination of compression, encryption, and incremental backups to keep your important files safe for a lifetime.

Works with any storage format

With this software, you can store your backups on any hard disk, SSD, flash drive, or network location. You can even store a backup locally to a remote volume. The new “Infinite Reverse Incremental” technology means that you’ll have space savings of up to 50%!

Store backups on the Internet

Keep your private data private! Nowadays it’s very difficult. USB sticks are easy to lose, not everyone is as computer-savvy as you are, and it’s easy to break them even if they are. Large programs like Outlook may be pirated. The solution for sensitive data is cloud backups. You can store any file or folder on an online server (such as Dropbox) and restore them quickly and easily. This program supports all big clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive.

Individual files, entire partitions, or system recovery

Healthy backups are the key to a quick recovery in case of disaster. It steps in when disaster strikes by creating complete system backups. Designed with ease of use in mind, it offers everything for ensuring complete safety for your system.

Once enabled, your backups will always be up-to-date.

Your dream of an automated backup comes true in Ashampoo Backup Pro. Now you can enjoy the benefits of full automatic backup without having to take any manual action once you’ve enabled it! Any user can select the frequency and the time at which they should back up any type of data, and everything else is taken care of automatically. Best of all: you can set separate backup presets for each day of the week to match your personal handling needs on both workdays and free days.

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